Downloads and resources
1 Matrix for calculating diversity. Excell spreadsheet that calculates Simpsons index
2 Folio with the most common dayflying butterflies (word doc).
3 Map of Øland showing locations of special interest (jpg 3,69 Mb)
4 Calculating Tank Glass size and volume
5 Spreadsheet with Danish observations of S.pruni
6 Banana Bait recipe (word doc)
7 Image size Calculator (xls)
8 Generic Model Release for adult (word doc)
9 Generic Model Release for minor (word doc)
10 Generic property release
11 Timelapses
12 Video of drift ice
13 Video of a woman at the coast of the Baltic in the winter
14 Blizzard 21. jan. 2013
15 Driving
Table over size pixel relation for prints


Colour Grid of all classic pigments mixed together